Monday, October 3, 2011

Wedding: Ashton & Dave

It's a common theme throughout wedding days: they were meant to be.  And while it could be said of almost any couple on their wedding day, it was different for Ashton and Dave.  That's what their friends and family said, insisted on, and toasted to.

One month ago today, the sun shined brightly and warmly at Norlyn Manor.  Dave paced a bit, waiting for his bride to arrive.  He nervously touched his Superman cufflinks.  She walked towards him and they embraced.  This day would alter the course of their lives.

They spent the day embraced in arms.  Arms of close friends, family, and each other.  Surrounded by their closest allies, Ashton and Dave promised to love, honor, and cherish for the rest of their lives.

Ashton and Dave... we can't thank you enough.  You're two of the most amazing, sweet, and generous people.  Seeing you marry was a true gift.  We appreciate so much the chance to be a part of your big day!

Ashton, I won't lie... you're kinda fabulous!

I love when bride and grooms choose to do a first look... 

I love this one with both reactions... they just look so excited.

The gentlemen...

And the ladies being fierce!  Love it.

I love father/bride shots.  It just melts my heart a little!

Ok, I'll say what you're all thinking... Ashton, you are looking gorgeous!!!!

While Rob was capturing this one...

I got this one.

Still time to be silly on the wedding day!

First dance as husband and wife...

First dance with parents!

Hope you guys had a great time in Hawaii!!!