Friday, December 9, 2011

Of COURSE we had to sneak in one last photo shoot with Will while the weather was fabulous a few weeks ago.  

Seriously.  Could he be any cuter??

I love his face here.  He's always had SO many expressions!

Trying to throw grass at Mom's camera... :/ 

I don't think I could have a cuter family if I tried!

Accountability & Adorable-ness!

A few of the reasons that I've been behind on blogging... (Can I just say it would be great to get back to blogging regularly so I didn't begin every blog with an apology?:)

1. The most obvious and constant:

The joy of my life.

2. I began babysitting some adorable girls a couple months ago... So three days a week, I have these cute faces in my life.

So while I only have these adorable girls three days a week... I then have a cleaning day(I'm going to have to stop being so uptight about a clean house if/when we have THREE kids!  Geeze.).  Then I have an errand day... and yes.  I need a whole day.  I'm not even exaggerating.   And then comes Saturday/Sunday with all of our church related duties.  And my week starts over.  While I am probably sure there is time in there somewhere... I don't feel like it!

But I have vowed to start fitting in my workouts and my blogs again.  Two things I enjoy and the two things I throw out the window first when there isn't enough hours in my day.  So, internet, you can hold me accountable!

Happy Friday everyone!