Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Saturday Evenings

Robby and I(along with a team of about seven or eight others) have put together a Saturday evening service at our church.

This past Saturday was our first one.

It was the bomb.com.

We took out all the furniture in the foyer and took everything down from the welcome center and turned it into a coffee shop area.

It really turned out better than I imagined.  If any of you all are in the Brown County area- check out this new service!  It's definitely awesome!

Monday, April 25, 2011

In Sickness & In Health

I've been a horrible blogger(er?) lately.

Will got sick.  Who made me sick.

When I'm sick, all the things that I work so hard on all week go kaplooey.

We get behind on pictures to edit.  We get behind on cleaning.  I get behind on school work.  So by the end when I am finally getting better, I am so overwhelmed with all that I need to do.

Enter last night.

Luckily, my fabulous husband did two loads of dishes, a load of laundry, cleaned the living room and our room so it's not so overwhelming:)  (Luckily, he really heard the "in sickness and in health" part of our vows!)  Now just to get caught up on everything else in life... :)

Happy Monday, everyone!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Couponing & General Mills

So, last week I posted about how I've started couponing.

I think I may be addicted.

No, I'm not becoming one of the crazy ladies on extreme couponing.

But last week, I spent $100 on groceries and saved $175.

That's awesome!

Some of my better items:

General Mills cereal for 54 cents
Breakstone sour cream for 25 cents
Steamfresh veggies for 50 cents
Dannon yogurt 4 pack for 89 cents
Ball Park hot dogs for 1.17 a pack

I would just like to stop for a second and tell you that I feel extremely old that I'm posting about couponing!  How embarrassing:)  This blog is awesome in breaking down the store sales each week and even linking some printable coupons.

Have a fantastic Tuesday, everyone!!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Being MIA & the hospital

Will's been kinda sick lately.

I took him to the dr the other day, he had an ear infection and a virus.  They sent him to Children hospital to get some tests done.  For those of you who don't know, Children's is an hour away from our house.  We sat three hours in the waiting room.  And another 90 minutes in his private room.  Just for the dr to look into his throat and say "I think he probably has a virus."  Probably?!  That's not exactly a word I like used when talking about my son.

So, that was his diagnosis.  Probably a virus.  Ugh.

Sorry for being MIA the last few days.  Will was sick and his schedule was thrown off which means MY schedule was thrown off.  And then I got sick!  So, forgive me:)

Have a fabulous Monday, everyone!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Coupons, Hoarding, & $594

Last week, a program aired on tv for the first time.

Extreme couponing.

These men and women showed signs of obsessiveness, hoarding, and frugality.  I was so intrigued.  I mean, who doesn't want to get $600 dollars worth of food for $6?  Jealous, much?  I could think of so many things to spend that extra $594 on... (Shoes, clothes, accessories, cameras!  I actually could go on this whole post, but I'll put everyone out of their misery.  

So, Robby and I decided to start couponing.  I don't see us going as crazy as the people on the shoes and put hundreds of everything or have insurance on our stock pile of hundreds of everything.  I totally dug the woman who bought a month out or the guy who gave 1,100 boxes of cereal to the food pantry.  So hopefully, by not getting so OCD about it, I won't be known as the crazy coupon lady!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Lies & Tennessee

Ok, so I've been feeding you a lie for awhile now.

I've been saying that Robby is going to take a 'stay-cation' in May.

We try to have one to these every year.  To fix all of the places our house needs a face lift, to go to the movies, to hang out during the day, and to make sure, for at least one week out of the year, Robby can help me tuck Will into bed every. single. night.

Welp, kids... we decided we need a vacation.  So that means, no stay-cation for Robs.

We're going to Gatlinburg, TN next month.

When life gets all stressy, I have to keep reminding myself in one month exactly, we'll be in Gatlinburg.  Enjoying life away from our regular schedules.

My mom is going to be keeping Will, so we are taking our first vacation without him since our honeymoon.  Crazy, right?

Friday, April 8, 2011

WWE, Ikea, & Jay Bruce

Facts about moi.

1. I think WWE is funny.

2. I love driving.

3. I need would love to have a baby girl.

4. I think it's really annoying how many posts I've mentioned babies in lately.  (Sorrrry!!)

5. I love taking walks with my husband & son everyday.

6. I eat pretty healthy, but still have a sweet tooth.

7. I need coffee in the morning.  It's not really an option.

8. I'm on twitter, but not really a fan.  Facebook is still more awesome.

9. Jay Bruce is my home boy.  (Robby still is, too.  Don't get worried!)

10. I love love love Ikea!  (I'm going today!)

11. I like yagoot(It's just like pinkberry!), but they look at me like I'm crazy every time because I asked them to put as much captain crunch on it as possible.

Have a fabulous Friday, everyone!!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Body parts & hot wheel band-aids

Today, Will was having problems sleeping.

So, I went into his room, got him out of bed, and started to rock him.  

Side note: Robby's defense is humor.  And it works like a charm on me.  If I'm upset/mad/grumpy, he makes me laugh and everything's better.  I have a feeling Will is the exact same way.  The other day, Will knocked over the table next to our couch, our lamp went crashing down, and the bulb busted everywhere.  Will immediately jumps up, puts his head almost on his shoulder, smiling and says "Sorry, Momma."  That's the english version, at least.  His version came out "S'rrrreeeeeee, MommmAH!  Who could be mad at that??

As I was rocking, I felt him put his hand on my face.  At first, he was just stroking the side of my face.  And all the sudden, he pinches my nose.  Not softly... enough where I couldn't breathe out of it.  I've never done that to him and he's never seen that, so it caught me off guard.  And I laughed.  The worst thing ever to a kid that wouldn't sleep because suddenly... it. was. a. game.  

So, I regained my composure and that wasn't working anymore.  So, then he decides to start showing me everything that he's learned.  Ever.  He points out his nose, eyes, belly, foot, and ears.  He shows me his hot wheels band-aid and makes car noises.  He starts singing the backpack song from Dora.  He goes on and on and on.  

And I think it's so funny that he avoids something for so long that has to happen.  But how many adults do that?  I procrastinate all the time!  The good news:  I can procrastinate thinking about my procrastination problem.

Have a fabulous Thursday!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Babies, hospitals, & Dr. H

So, I have the itch.  The itch for another baby.  Baby Ballmeyer #2.  :)

For most people, this really wouldn't be a problem.  But I'm not most people...

When I was pregnant with Will, I had preclampsia.  Which is just a fancy word for pregnancy induced high blood pressure.  I was going for my prenatal care at a midwives office(that shall remain nameless) in the Cincinnati area.  I saw a different midwife each time and each time they saw the high blood pressure on my chart and said "We'll do something about that next time."

On August 9th, 2011, my sister(yes, we were pregnant at the same time!) had her baby.  He was born eight weeks early and was immediately put into the NICU.  So, Robby and I started the eight hour drive to Illinois to see them.  We only had two days that we could get off work.  We got home on Wednesday night and I had to be at work the following day.  I woke up feeling like someone was sitting on my chest.  It was hard to breathe.  So I called my midwives.  I went in, they checked out the baby and sent me on my way.  Luckily though, they did make me an appointment the following Monday with the blood pressure specialist.

The blood pressure specialist was this cute little Indian man.  I couldn't pronounce his name... I called him Dr. H.  He was very serious looking over my records and I kept trying to make jokes so he wasn't so grave.  It didn't work.  He wanted me to go into the hospital for a 24 hour surveillance.  It was horrible.  They wouldn't let Robby stay with me.  I started crying.  Dr. H made me stay in the hospital.  I had to have an emergency c section soon after that or Will and I wouldn't be here right now.

Dr. H saved my life.  And for that, I am forever grateful.  But still scared to have another baby!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Bedtime & Ohio weather

Sometimes Will hates bedtime.  Which makes me hate bedtime.

Since he was a baby, we've always just laid him down to put him asleep.  We'll put on some music, give him his bear, and he'll generally go to sleep without any problems.  I never wanted to rock him to sleep just because I didn't want him to get into a routine such as that.  Now, since he's older, if he's having problems going to sleep, I'll rock him for a few minutes, but even to this day, that's it.

Here in Ohio, we had almost two weeks of awesome weather.  Will LOVED it.  He loves being outside.  Which is great for me, too.  He's at a point now that I love to just wear him out, so he takes a good nap and goes to bed without a hitch.  For the past week, however.  It's been cold.  Like in thirties.  Needless to say, he's been inside the whole time.  And he's restless.

Canon(our dog) does this thing.  When he knows we're getting ready to put him out, he'll start eating.  Which works on us every time.  "Because," Robby reasons. "If he's eating, we just can't put him outside!" Canon has mastered this.  He knows.  And now, I think Will picks up on it.  It doesn't matter if Will has ate supper, 2nd dinner, 3rd dinner and a dessert... even if he was perfectly fine 30 seconds earlier and I say it's his bedtime, somehow he's magically starving.  He knows I can't argue with that.  So I'll give him food that he won't eat just to delay his bedtime ten minutes.  He's sneaky like that.

He hates bedtime because recently he's gotten attached to Robby.  Seriously.  Like at. the. hip.  He screams and throws a fit when he has to go into work and constantly throughout the day always says "Momma.  Bye bye with Dada?" Robby's schedule at church is super busy and so many nights, I put Will to bed by myself.  Which is when Will throws a bigger fit than usual about not wanting to sleep.  I just put him down, but he's not sleeping.  He's asked for more food, a second bath, and to feed Canon.  All to just  not go to bed!!  Crazy.  What I think is funniest about Will not wanting to sleep at bedtime, is that he sleeps everywhere.  Seriously.

In the car...

One planes...

On the floor...


Even at the beach...

Now, I know all you other moms are going to tell me not to complain because your children don't fall asleep anywhere and I should be happy with Will's usual 7 p.m. bedtime and sleeping 12-13 hours at night.  Don't get me wrong.  I know I am lucky.  Just some nights, it's frustrating.  This night in particular.  :)

Have a great Tuesday, everyone!!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Introducing: Allison!

On Saturday, I got a chance to snuggle photograph the beautiful Allison.  She is 10 days old, and did great!    The only problem was that she wanted to party with us instead of sleeping and by the end, she was getting exhausted!!  Here's some of my favorites from the shoot.

Baby feet pictures are the best:)

Have a fantastic Monday, everyone!!

Friday, April 1, 2011

The Fray, Daisies, & Orange County

It's that time again.  Fun Fact Friday time.  What up.

1. I got married three weeks after turning 21.

2. I paid for my first car with money I made through 4-H selling meat rabbits.  It's was a 1997 White Dodge Neon with a blue stripe.  Make fun all you want:)

3. I love daisies.  And lilacs.

4. I love The Fray.  Robby and I listened to them in the car on our first date and it still reminds me of it every time I listen to them.

5. I tend to think my husband is a genius.

6. Trying to pursue photography as a career generally terrifies me.

7. I would choose to go to a Reds game over just about any concert/show.

8. I want to live in Orange County one day.

9. Will is currently sick.  I hate the weather changing so much.  It always makes him sick.

10. I really like Criminal Minds and Law and Order, but it tends to make me paranoid.

11. I would really love if someone would like to bless Robby and I on a $15,000 business loan so we could update all of our camera equipment.  Any takers??  Anyone?  :)

Have a fabulous weekend, everyone!!!