Monday, February 7, 2011

The New Beginning

So here begins an online journal of where I’m headed. I need to document the detours and pit stops along this scary and amazing photographic path. I’m writing to never forget the beginnings of our future and to celebrate the mistakes—I’ve always maintained that making a mistake sooner, rather than later, is always a good thing.

Yes, we've been shooting for three years.  So why did I say this blog is documenting the beginning?  Because this year, we've decided to put ourselves "out there" more.  For the past three years that Robby and I have been shooting together, every. single. job. has been word of mouth.  And surprisingly(to me, at least:), we've consistently doubled our work every year.  This past year however, I really found my love for photography.  I've always enjoyed it, but this past year... I had a revelation.  "I could do this.  Full-time.  Like a job!"  Yes, this is my uber cool and not at all embarrassing revelation.  

So this blog will help document the highs and lows of my not so beginning beginning in photography.  I've been throwing myself into blogs to see how all these photographers that I looove got their start, their marketing, their branding.  I've been pouring over images by the thousands.  And all the while, taking care of a very active 18 month old.

This. could. be. interesting.

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