Friday, April 1, 2011

The Fray, Daisies, & Orange County

It's that time again.  Fun Fact Friday time.  What up.

1. I got married three weeks after turning 21.

2. I paid for my first car with money I made through 4-H selling meat rabbits.  It's was a 1997 White Dodge Neon with a blue stripe.  Make fun all you want:)

3. I love daisies.  And lilacs.

4. I love The Fray.  Robby and I listened to them in the car on our first date and it still reminds me of it every time I listen to them.

5. I tend to think my husband is a genius.

6. Trying to pursue photography as a career generally terrifies me.

7. I would choose to go to a Reds game over just about any concert/show.

8. I want to live in Orange County one day.

9. Will is currently sick.  I hate the weather changing so much.  It always makes him sick.

10. I really like Criminal Minds and Law and Order, but it tends to make me paranoid.

11. I would really love if someone would like to bless Robby and I on a $15,000 business loan so we could update all of our camera equipment.  Any takers??  Anyone?  :)

Have a fabulous weekend, everyone!!!

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