Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Coupons, Hoarding, & $594

Last week, a program aired on tv for the first time.

Extreme couponing.

These men and women showed signs of obsessiveness, hoarding, and frugality.  I was so intrigued.  I mean, who doesn't want to get $600 dollars worth of food for $6?  Jealous, much?  I could think of so many things to spend that extra $594 on... (Shoes, clothes, accessories, cameras!  I actually could go on this whole post, but I'll put everyone out of their misery.  

So, Robby and I decided to start couponing.  I don't see us going as crazy as the people on the shoes and put hundreds of everything or have insurance on our stock pile of hundreds of everything.  I totally dug the woman who bought a month out or the guy who gave 1,100 boxes of cereal to the food pantry.  So hopefully, by not getting so OCD about it, I won't be known as the crazy coupon lady!

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