Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Couponing & General Mills

So, last week I posted about how I've started couponing.

I think I may be addicted.

No, I'm not becoming one of the crazy ladies on extreme couponing.

But last week, I spent $100 on groceries and saved $175.

That's awesome!

Some of my better items:

General Mills cereal for 54 cents
Breakstone sour cream for 25 cents
Steamfresh veggies for 50 cents
Dannon yogurt 4 pack for 89 cents
Ball Park hot dogs for 1.17 a pack

I would just like to stop for a second and tell you that I feel extremely old that I'm posting about couponing!  How embarrassing:)  This blog is awesome in breaking down the store sales each week and even linking some printable coupons.

Have a fantastic Tuesday, everyone!!

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