Thursday, April 7, 2011

Body parts & hot wheel band-aids

Today, Will was having problems sleeping.

So, I went into his room, got him out of bed, and started to rock him.  

Side note: Robby's defense is humor.  And it works like a charm on me.  If I'm upset/mad/grumpy, he makes me laugh and everything's better.  I have a feeling Will is the exact same way.  The other day, Will knocked over the table next to our couch, our lamp went crashing down, and the bulb busted everywhere.  Will immediately jumps up, puts his head almost on his shoulder, smiling and says "Sorry, Momma."  That's the english version, at least.  His version came out "S'rrrreeeeeee, MommmAH!  Who could be mad at that??

As I was rocking, I felt him put his hand on my face.  At first, he was just stroking the side of my face.  And all the sudden, he pinches my nose.  Not softly... enough where I couldn't breathe out of it.  I've never done that to him and he's never seen that, so it caught me off guard.  And I laughed.  The worst thing ever to a kid that wouldn't sleep because suddenly... it. was. a. game.  

So, I regained my composure and that wasn't working anymore.  So, then he decides to start showing me everything that he's learned.  Ever.  He points out his nose, eyes, belly, foot, and ears.  He shows me his hot wheels band-aid and makes car noises.  He starts singing the backpack song from Dora.  He goes on and on and on.  

And I think it's so funny that he avoids something for so long that has to happen.  But how many adults do that?  I procrastinate all the time!  The good news:  I can procrastinate thinking about my procrastination problem.

Have a fabulous Thursday!

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