Monday, March 14, 2011

Change & Growth


It's a word that doesn't always have positive connotations to it.  I, myself, struggle with this.  I want to accept change full steam ahead, however I too am leery to actual want to change.  Because, generally speaking, it's uncomfortable.  Changing out of our everyday habits and stepping into something new, is scary.  And I don't like scary.


That word generally always has positive connotations to it.  Confession: I hate that word.  Ever since I was young, I loved fashion.  I loved clothes.  I loved how you could totally convey your mood in what your wearing.  As my favorite Lauren Conrad has said "It's wear-able art."  I watch What Not To Wear like it's going out of style(HA:), but 9 times out of 10, they have someone on their who's just gotten sloppy.  (I totally understand this and especially being a mom.)    But the first thing they say is "But it's COMFORTABLE!!"  After watching my numerous style shows that I stalk, I hate the word comfort.

I don't ever want to be comfortable.  In life and in photography.  I don't necessarily like being uncomfortable, but I ache for the change.  Writing a blog makes me uncomfortable.  Half because I still act like a junior high girl wondering if people are going to think I'm cool or not and half just because I tend to think I'm HILARIOUS and I'd hate to find out differently!  Putting yourself out there is scary.  But I make myself uncomfortable and force the change, because I have dreams for my company... to create a brand that is reflective of my personality and style.

So I'm going to keep being uncomfortable and watching the change.  Why?  Because that causes growth.  Without growth, things tend to die.

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