Friday, March 11, 2011

Snow storms & Diet Pepsi

Thank goodness it's Fun Fact Friday!  TGIFFF, anyone?

1. Our son's name is William David Ballmeyer.  William after Robby's dad and David after my dad.  We wanted to honor the two men that we respected the most.

2. Robby and I went to the same school for a year and never met.  We met while working the same summer camp in 2006.

3. I love the show Criminal Minds.  But I don't watch it unless Robby's home because I get scared.  (Yes, I'm THAT much of a scared-y cat.)

4. I LOVE exercising.  In the summer, I make Robby take walks with me  He hates it.

5. I love Diet Pepsi.  Mmmm.  I could drink it all! day! long!

6.  I really like skittles, but I hate the orange and yellow ones.  I always throw them out.

7. In 2006(before Robby and I were dating), there was a really bad snowstorm.  My car got stuck on eighth street about a mile from campus.  (Side note: I'm not a bad driver.  Lots of people were stuck.  Even a fire truck couldn't make it up!)  Robby walked the mile from campus to my car and back so I wouldn't have to walk alone.

8. I love love love Adele's new album.  If you haven't checked it out... you should!

9.  I almost died giving birth to Will(but I think he was totally worth the heartache!)

10. I love Panera's potato soup.  That makes any cold better.  Now if we could just get one closer so I can enjoy my reality shows... with my snuggie... with the potato soup.  Perfect:)

11. I love coffee, but only Starbucks.  I grind my own beans at home because I like it to be uber fresh.

The other day, I wanted to get some more pictures of Will.  But when we went outside, Will saw his wagon.  And only wanted that.  There's really no negotiating with him... (though I try daily).  So these pictures are from Robby pulling Will around in his wagon while I was shooting away. Photography with an 18 month old is always so difficult exciting;)

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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