Thursday, March 3, 2011

Justin Beiber & Sardinia

We laugh every day in our home.  Every single day.  Even more now since our son was born, I think.  And I thank God for it.  We get goofy with each other, we dance for no reason at all(Boy band Robby comes out), we talk ghetto(yes, I realize I'm from Sardinia... population: 1,000.), and have tickle fights.

The best part is that we just get to be ourselves, to be comfortable with each other, and know that we can be as goofy as we want.  The end result is always worth it.  And it reminds me how lucky I am.

I am lucky to have a husband who loves me.  But I'm just as lucky to have Will in my life.  And be able to stay home with him.  I love watching him learn things.  

Example: Will was in the habit of calling everyone 'Mom'.  Everyone.  Robby.  Grandparents.  My brothers.  Waitresses.  (yes, I said waitresses.)  I felt like I was kidnapping him every time he didn't want to leave one of my family members because he would start throwing a fit and saying 'MMMMmooooommmmmmmmaaaaa!!!' 

He's finally, finally, FINALLY calling Robby 'Dad'. Actually, he's started calling him 'My dad', but close enough:) He's started calling my brother Jeremy, 'Meremy'.  Yes, he's still has a lot more people to learn their names... but it's a start.  And a start I'll definitely take.  Now hopefully I won't get death stares from older people thinking I'm stealing a baby.

I LOVE the personality he's getting.  He's so funny.

Example: This past week, he's started walking around the house singing Justin Beiber's song 'Baby.' P.S.  All you haters better leave this subject alone because that's my baby you're talking about.  No pun intended.

I'm lucky.  I've been blessed.  And I realize this more every single day.  

Also: Check out Will's new chucks!!

Will actually loves his hanging upside down game.  He was laughing the whole time.  Promise.  Don't call child protective services on us, ok? :)

Have a great Thursday, everyone:)

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