Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Personal trainers & birthdays

So, Robby and I are starting to eat healthy.  It was about the time that Will starting eating everything that we did, that we decided to do so.  We're trying to leave our fast food behind us and just eat healthier.  Switching over to organic fruits/veggies and making the switch from white to whole wheat everything basically.  We're trying to get out and walk more or play basketball, just to get active.  

But I'm telling you, I was doomed from my birthday to my anniversary.  They're all within almost two weeks of each other.  My birthday is February 12th, Valentine's day is the 14th, and our anniversary is on March 1st.  So, I had the piece of cake(or two:), I had the chocolates for Valentine's day, and Robby and I had a meal on our anniversary that could've kept me full for days.  

The whole time, I just kept thinking, what would Jillian say?  You know... my personal trainer, Jillian Michaels.  My personal video trainer, at least:)  So it's time to start getting back on the wagon.  Doing the healthy eating thing and getting some exercise.  It's easier now that Will LOVES being outside and especially since he doesn't walk anymore but runs. Fast.  

Don't worry, Jillian.  I'll be back soon.  I'll do two-a-days to make up for it.  Promise.


  1. haha this is great! I have a similar predicament, but in June! Good luck!

  2. my husband and i are trying to do this too. i also bought a jillian michaels workout video. i've watched it...once. now if only i could actually do the exercises...haha.

    basically what i'm trying to say is...i can sympathize :)

  3. I have no interest in Jillian, lol, but walking, yes! So happy it's warming up.

    I also do organic fruits, whole grains, and non hormone free meats and milk (FYI Kroger and Walmart milk are from hormone free cows).

    I even do SOME of my baking with whole wheat flour. :)

  4. oops, I fail. Just realized i typed non hormone free meats and milk. I meant hormone FREE meats and milk. I'm sure you knew that, but.. uh.. yeah.

  5. Tina- I kinda thought that MIGHT be what you meant:)

    Abi- I can't do the exercises well either :/ I think she expects us to be athletes before we start!

    Natalie- Good luck in a couple months:)