Monday, March 7, 2011

Worrying makes the world go round...

Or at least my world:

"Do you see it?" I asked.  "Right there!  And over here, too."

"Julie, it'll be alright." Robby said.   "Just calm down.  Babies get rashes sometimes... It could've been something he ate or the new laundry detergent."

"Well, it's almost his bedtime... maybe he should stay up so I can see if anything changes."

"Julie, you know you're both just going to be miserable if you let him stay up.  He needs to sleep."  Robby said practically.

"Ok." I whispered walking out his bedroom door. "Will, please don't die tonight."

As you can see, I'm always the totally calm and collected one in our relationship.  Never an irrational thought in this head.  For the record... It WAS just the new detergent.  Confession time: If you could tell from the above conversation, I am a worrier.  Over everything.  It's a trait that's been aggravated with having a child.  Even things that are honestly so minute that they do not need to be worried about.  Don't worry... I know one day I'm going to solve all the world's problems with all the worrying I do.  Or drive myself/Robby crazy.  Whichever comes first.

But for now, I will stop worrying and celebrate the fact that my family is healthy and happy.  God has taken care of us and provided for us consistently. I'm guessing He won't stop anytime soon, but until then I just won't worry about it... :)

Will and I took a walk the other day, and found a cute little fence along the way.  How could I not stop for a photo op?


  1. Aw, Julie, it definitely comes with being a mom. I told the kids last night that until they have children, they don't know what worry is. Just for the record, next time give him Benadryl. It won't hurt him and helps with any allergic reaction.

  2. I wish I could say it gets easier as they get older, but it really does NOT, Julie :(

    I have a mantra I keep repeating to myself:

    Worry Less, Enjoy More.

    I hope one day it will sink in ;)