Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Technology, facebook, & Will

So, I'm not exactly technological savvy.

I know how to check facebook.  And blog.  And online shop(my specialty!).  And check my email.  But other than that... I'm not sure.  Robby called me the other day while he was working and said "Get the newsletter out of the documents folder, convert it into a pdf, export it, and drop it on the idisk."  Ummm... what?

Will on the other hand... already knows how to unlock our iPhones.  I had to put a code of mine that needs to be entered to get into it because he was making random phone calls to my family.  Robby downloaded an app on the ipad which are flashcards that he can go through and he just sits there and swipes to move to the next one.

It's just crazy to think that I'm sure soon, he will surpass me in technological-savvy-ness.  It's crazy that he's growing up with this stuff and already knows how to do way too much for a child who's one and a half.  But Robby's a total gadget nerd and I have a feeling that Will is going to be as well.

Have a fantastic Tuesday!

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  1. i love this pic of him.
    and, of course, he is a genius.