Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Toilet paper, battles, & Canon

Robby tends to be more of a relaxed parent than me.

He tells me all the time, "There are battles worth fighting."

We generally have a different view on those battles, but it works because between the two of us, Will doesn't get away with too much.  My battles, generally come with it costing us money.

Example: This past weekend, we were cleaning.  Robby had our bedroom and I had our office and Will was just running back and forth hindering helping both of us.  At one point, I went into the bedroom and was talking to Robby and said:

"You do realize he's throwing all the toilet paper into the bath tub, right?"

"Julie.' Robby said.  'It's not that big of a deal."

"We're going to end up with wet toilet paper."

"Pick your battles, Julie.' Robby said practically."

Later, he pulled out a sopping-wet-now-useless roll of toilet paper and felt a little foolish.  That's why parenting between the both of us work.  We both don't really know what we're doing and we tend to have strengths where the other has weaknesses.  Robby and I were just talking the other day how we got our dog, Canon as a practice child to see if we could keep him alive or not.  He's now over three years old and still kicking:)

Robby- there's no one I'd rather be fumbling through parenting with than you.  We'll get the hang of it one day:)

Happy Wednesday!

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