Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Zombies, camp, & the day I met my husband

Robby went to a ministry conference.  He left our house yesterday at a little after six a.m. and won't be back until late this afternoon.  I'm lonely.  And realizing God did not cut me out to be a single parent.  Having time alone allows me to reflect and today I was thinking about how Robby and I met.

Robby's a much better person than I am.  Really.  All the qualities that I strive to have, just come naturally to him.  He always thinks the best of people and is always nice and kind.  He's really funny.  He's makes me laugh more than anyone I know.  He always has time to help people.  He has never met a stranger... He's insta-friends with everyone.  And he really tries to make me happy.  The truth is, I couldn't feel luckier.  Plus, he's the best father to our son.

Robby and I met in the summer of 2006.  I actually first noticed Robby when he was talking to his friend, Jessa.  He just genuinely looked like he cared.  He wanted to be in the conversation and was interested in what she was talking about it.  Also, let me preface this whole statement with the fact that I was nineteen and most guys my age still acted like they were twelve(That's about right, correct?  Seven years behind?).  So to see a boy in a serious conversation and not looking to run in the other direction was surprising and refreshing.

Then Robby talked to me.  Let me preface this by saying, we were working at a summer camp.  With Jr. Highers.  They like to go to bed late.  We had to get up early.  I had NOT had my coffee yet.  And he told me I looked like a zombie.  So, of course... I didn't like him.  Oh, internet... it didn't stop there.  That lunch, he sat across from my friend Trevor and me and said 'What?  Doesn't your friend(yes, meaning me!) talk?'  For some reason, it didn't cross his mind that I just didn't like to talk to boys who call me zombies.  Yes, this is now my kind, compassionate husband.  He swears to this day, he was trying to flirt.  Still to this day, I tell him it didn't work so well.  And still... he tells me it. obviously. did.  He got me.  

Yes, we've come a long way from our first rocky encounter.  By the way, he got much nicer and much better at flirting by the time school rolled around, but that's another story.  There's no one I'd rather have by my side than him.  Especially when it comes to being parents:)

I'm watching the boy I met when I was 19 morph into the man of my dreams more and more everyday.

Have a fantastic Tuesday, everyone!!!


  1. Tate and I got a good laugh out of your first conversation and Robby's "flirting".


  2. Tina, I know! It was seriously so ridiculous. :)