Thursday, March 24, 2011

iPhones, pregnancy, & condolences

Robby and I have iPhones.

I was totally against this.  Robby had been drooling over them for... well, ever.  Every.time. we'd go shopping, he'd pull me over to it and explain how it works.  Because obviously to not want one, just meant that I simply didn't understand that an iPhone is pure awesomeness in your hand.  How did we come about getting them?

Robby hit me at a weak moment.  I was in the hospital.  When I was pregnant with Will, my blood pressure became a problem, so they put me in the hospital under a "24 hour observation".  Which turned into "just another day, just to be completely sure."  Which then turned into "keeping me in the hospital until they induced me at 37 weeks."

It was only ten days they wanted me to be in there, but it felt like eternity.  I hated it there.  I hated lying in a bed and not doing anything.  I know some moms even now that if they don't have their kids, they'll just spend a day lounging.  If I'm without Will for the day, I'm cleaning.  And running errands that would be easier without Will.  And going to the gym.  I'm sharing this so you know, that ten days in a place where Robby couldn't be with me all the time and I was bored out of my mind.  Horrrrible!

So I caved.  I told him he could get the iPhone as long as he brought me mine that night.  So he brought it to me.  I couldn't work it.  It was horrible.  Robby wasn't allowed to spend the night the first few nights I was in the hospital because I had a double room, so he was texting me the next morning.  And I wasn't fantastic at typing on the phone so our conversations looked like this:

Good morning!  How'd you sleep?

Nqot fanrtastic.  How's yoii sleep/?

It was a lot of back and forth like that.  It was bad enough, Robby thought something was wrong with me.  You know, besides the fact that I was serving out a death sentence at the hospital and couldn't text.  But I didn't have much time to figure it out... While the doctors wanted to wait another nine days for Will to come into this world, he had other plans.  He was born that evening.

We have decided once our contract is up in August, to get different phones.  Let's be honest, I decided this.  So, once August hits... If you see Robby, send condolences.  He's going to need a good friend to get him through that rough time.

Here are a couple of my favorites of Will back in the day:)

Have a fabulous Thursday, everyone!!!


  1. Poor Robby!

    I tried in August to go non-smartphone. you know, to the semi-smart phones like Tate and Scott have, still have email, still have web. But.

    I now have a DroidX.

    I know you are stronger than I am, Julie!!!

    Robby, I'm sure..notsomuch :)

  2. Yeah. I'm more practical that it's just costing too much money! Hahah. You can sympathize with him when the time comes... He's going to be so sad!!