Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Off days & Glee

I LOVE Tuesdays!  They are my favorite days.

Tuesdays are Robby's off days so I get to spend the whole day with both of my loves.  On top of that, I get someone to share in parenting responsibilities for the day which is a good break.  A needed break, generally.  Since it's Robby's off day, I can also catch up on laundry, school work, and dishes.  Also!  Tuesdays are my favorite TV nights.  Biggest Loser, Glee, and Teen Mom(Please do not judge me).  Tuesdays are fantastic, overlooked days...

Five things to smile about right now:

1. Will just learned to fist bump.  (Yes, we teach him all the really important things in life.)
2. We got to have dinner with Robby's sister last night.  We hadn't seen her since January!
3. The gas station across from my house has fantastic vanilla lattes.  Seriously, fellow Sardinians.  They're awesome!
4. The weather has been fabulous.  Will loves being outside!
5. I've lost 15 pounds(Jillian, yes... Jillian Michaels.  She'd be so proud:)

I hope you all have a fantastic Tuesday!

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