Thursday, March 17, 2011

Trucks, shoes, & independence

Will is an independent child.  Already.

Example: The other morning, I dressed him in pants, shirts, and boots.  He then carries his Chucks over to me and says "shoes, shoes" until finally I put those shoes on him.  And then he was fine.  He wanted to wear different shoes then I put on him.  At EIGHTEEN months old.  It could be a wild ride with him, I've decided.

Will likes to do things himself.  As much as possible.  Sometimes he likes for me to pull him in his wagon on walks and sometimes he likes to just pull the wagon himself(but not with me in it... rude, right?).

He likes to sing the backpack song from Dora and Baby by Justin Beiber.  He likes to clap for himself when he's proud of something he's done.  He LOVES being outside.  He calls for our dog, Canon saying "Nanon!" and tries to whistle but it comes out as kiss-y sounds.  He loves to eat.  Constantly.  He likes drawing outside with sidewalk chalk.  He likes to cuddle in the evenings. He would take baths about four times a day if you'd let him.  He really likes cars and trucks.  Especially my dad's truck.  But instead of the traditional 'vroom' noises, his comes out as 'Mmmmm' like he just ate something really, really tasty.

I'm really excited to see what God has in store for his life.  I already pray for the path that his life is going to take, the woman he'll marry, and the hope that he'll be better than Robby and I combined.  But until then, we'll continue watching Dora, changing shoes, and playing with side walk chalk.

Have a fabulous Thursday!

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